About Claw

Claw brings Hampton flavors to New York City in a one of a kind dining experience. Focusing on lobster rolls and crab cakes, the menu also boasts seafood specialties such as crab beignets and lobster mac and cheese. With a unique passion for freshness, Claw receives daily shipments of fresh lobster and crab from Portland, Maine.



  • What differentiates your roll from other lobster rolls in the city?

    The word “fresh” means a lot more to us. We're the only lobster shack in NYC that handpicks the meat from steamed lobsters everyday! Not to mention all of our menu items are homemade, even the sauces.

  • Where do you source your lobster from?

    Portland, Maine.

  • What style is your lobster roll, Connecticut or Maine?

    Our lobster rolls are actually Long Island style, which we characterize as a warm lobster roll with no filler. The lobster is butter poached and placed on a golden toasted potatoe bun with our house seasoning.


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